Welcome to my blog where I’ll be documenting my exploration of my own spirituality and of myself.

For so long, especially while I was growing up, magic and being associated with the likes have been scoffed at and mocked. I’ve always felt a connection to nature and to the elements, but never felt that I could act upon these feelings to connect and explore… that is until now.

  • The Golden Thread Tarot Deck

    3 Aug 2019 by

    And first things first, I absolutely adore this deck. It’s so pretty! The deck is made from recycled plastic and gold foil, so they’re light weight and they shimmer and shine like sunlight bouncing off of water. There’s even little flecks of gold all over them and they look like little stars. I love how… Read more

  • The aqua aura was meant to be

    4 Aug 2019 by

    I went down to the shop I frequent and picked up an small aqua aura quartz tower. I’ve seen it in the shop the last three or four times I’ve been in and every time it’s caught my eye and kind of called to me. I kept thinking about it last night and today I… Read more

  • Starting a spell for happiness, energy, and balance

    4 Aug 2019 by

    I’ve been reading through my 2019 Witch’s Almanac (like I do almost nightly) and I flipped to a page that has a spell for creating a talisman that with aide me in finding happiness, energy, and balance in my life. I guess these things pop out to you when you need them most. For this… Read more

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